Artificial turf


By changing to a artificial lawn, you can diminish your month to month water bill up to 70 percent and decrease your carbon impression. Artificial turf likewise requires no manures, herbicides, or pesticides. Not just do these chemicals add poisons to the air, however numerous individuals additionally have gentle to serious responses to them, including tingling and watery eyes, scratchy throats, and runny noses.


Artificial Grass

ARTIFICIAL SYNTHETIC GRASS0I’ve heard that lead has been found in artificial grass, is there lead in Grass by Lawn Pros?

There is no lead or whatever other substantial metals in Synthetic Grass by Lawn Pros items. Lawn Pros has the most stringent testing in the business. Get your project done right and let Lawn Pros artificial synthetic grass in Colorado help you get the grass you always wanted. Give us a call for a free quote 719-963-6267 or 720-221-3606


Artificial Synthetic

ARTIFICIAL SYNTHETIC GRASS14Go artificial !  Lawn Pros artificial  engineered grass will look and feel genuine year-round, and our support free gardens have a superior appearance than any contenders. So why not go manufactured? Garden Pros artificial engineered grass will last ten to 15 years and accompanies an eight year guarantee. Additionally, you’ll lessen nursery gas emanations and spare fossil fills by not utilizing a garden cutter.

Frequently Asked Questions  

What is the life expectancy of Artificial Synthetic Grass by Lawn Pros?Our artificial grass comes with a limited 8-year warranty, but the actual life expectancy is approximately 25 years depending on use.